from the margins

exactly a year ago today, i opened my world with leave takings, i’ve been raging about loss, and i’ve been raging about how the world should come together.

i’ve learned the essentials – weave foods out of nowhere, knit letters to form stories and start a memory.

speed is important, i’ve named them, segrated them, and summoned them at whim,  so i can be close or far from anything that needs attention and details. I tend to speed up when i am far from the center of comfort, when i’m afflicted, and when i want to elude, and when i long for silence. stories are different when you find me in one place and in another place, suddenly.

there are times, when i go slow, or when i’m compelled to temper my pace, learning is different. when i am warped, caught and stuck, i always find it difficult to untangle myself.

moving is essential, just like poetry, like a good conversation, like a long kiss, like a tight hug. oh well

oh well!


you\’re my world, joe satriani


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